Renee Conklin

We Caught up with Ms. Renee Conklin exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Barrow and the Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt at the 2023 Missouri State Fair. Learn more about Renee¬†below…

Age: 21

Grade: College Senior

Hometown:Hallsville, Missouri

Tell us a little about your champion:

My champion barrow is named Stetson and he will always be extra special to me. He is the only barrow Ive shown and will ever show at the Missouri State Fair. He helped me to achieve a goal that I was unsure was even possible, and for that he has a big place in my heart. Beyond his accomplishments, he had a personality you had to adapt to and I believe thats what made our bond stronger.
My champion crossbred gilts name is Sister. She will always be a favorite in the barn due to her extra sweet personality and being the youngest.

First person you hugged after your win?

After winning the FFA barrow show the first person I hugged was Alicia Castaneda. That was probably the most emotional I was during that day because everything following that moment was too surreal to sink in.

Who is another exhibitor you admire?

An exhibitor I admire, even though he is much younger, is Kade Jackson. I envy his knowledge of the swine industry, his work ethic, as well as his showmanship skills.

Favorite Fair Food?

My favorites fair food would definitely have to be fried oreos.

Favorite Pump Up Song:

Thunderstruck is one of my favorite songs to listen to if I need to get pumped up for something. It’s a classic and also reminds me of my dad, so that motivates me even more.