Mackenzie Cox

We Caught up with Ms, Mackenzie Cox exhibitor of the 4th Overall Breeding Gilt the 2023 North American International Livestock Expo. Learn more about Mackenzie below…

Age: 14

Grade: Freshman

What made winning at this Show Special for you?
I have dreamed about winning on the green shavings since the first year I ever showed at NAILE. This was also super special because my family and I have worked hard to get to this point, and it’s even more special because we raised this gilt.

Do you get nervous?
Yes, I get so nervous every time I get ready to enter the show ring but as soon as I’m in there all the nerves disappear.

If you could build your dream trailer what would it include?
A big tack room, plenty of pens, a running water system, many outlets, and two ramps one off the side and one off the back.

What was the most special thing about your champion?
We raised this gilt and also she was my showmanship pig so we just had a really special bond.

Most used product/item at a show in the showbox:
Jimmy Juice

Who is your favorite judge? Why?
Ryan Rash because I just think he’s so awesome, but also Brett and Todd Beyers because I won at NAILE for the first time and it was under them.

Favorite breed to show? Why?
Duroc, I’ve always been a sucker for a good red one.

Favorite Pump Up Song:
Fishin’ in the dark