Kirbee Mulder

We Caught up with Ms. Kirbee Mulder exhibitor of the 3rd Overall Breeding Gilt at the 2023 American Royal. Learn more about Kirbee¬†below…

Age: 10

Grade: 5th

What made winning at this Show Special for you?
All the hard work put into it. And all the people who helped us.

Do you get nervous?
Sometimes but not a lot.

If you could build your dream trailer what would it include?
Big tack room, individual pens with fans and air conditioner and waterers and can be used for pigs and cattle

What was the most special thing about your champion?
She was my best friend and she was a really good pig

Most used product/item at a show in the showbox:
Champion Choice

Who is your favorite judge? Why?
Jessi Hoblyn. He works good with kids

Favorite breed to show? Why?
Duroc and crossbred. Duroc because the ones this year I got were the best I ever done before and crossbred is easier to work with.

Favorite Pump Up Song:
The Git Up.