Corbin Coyle

We Caught up with Mr, Corbin Coyle exhibitor of the Grand Champion Breeding Gilt at the 2023 North American International Livestock Expo. Learn more about Corbin below…

Age: 19

Grade: Graduated highschool, Planning on attending RCC next fall.

What made winning at this Show Special for you?
One thing that made winning this show so special was special was that it was in my home state where I’ve grown up showing on the green shavings.

Do you get nervous?
I get very nervous. Even days before the show I start to get nervous

If you could build your dream trailer what would it include?
My dream trailer would be a 12 pen Cimarron with a 8 foot tack, Werm flooring, with heat and a/c. Purchased from Supreme Trailer Sales.

What was the most special thing about your champion?
The most special thing about champion was that, I was able to show her all throughout the summer and fall.

Most used product/item at a show in the showbox:
Moormans Show Prep

Who is your favorite judge? Why?
My favorite judge would have to be Andy Rash because I love listening to him on the mic and enjoy the way he evaluates livestock.

Favorite breed to show? Why?
My favorite breed to show would have to be crossbreds because I always have mainly crosses on feed.

Favorite Pump Up Song: