Braydon Loudermilk

We Caught up with Mr, Braydon Loudermilk exhibitor of the 5th Overall Market Hog  at the 2023 North American International Livestock Expo. Learn more about Braydon below…

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

What made winning at this Show Special for you?
Winning at this show was special to me because I put so much time, effort, and hard work into my pig and it finally paid off.

Do you get nervous?
I get really nervous before I go into the show ring but I calm down once I’m showing.

If you could build your dream trailer what would it include?
I would want 14 pens, a big tack room, 2 ramps, and a living quarters in my dream trailer.

What was the most special thing about your champion?
My barrow was always so energetic and playful.

Most used product/item at a show in the showbox:
A pump up water sprayer.

Who is your favorite judge? Why?
Kyle Webster and Ashtin Guyer because they are super friendly and help me out when I need it.

Favorite breed to show? Why?
My favorite breed to show is probably a duroc because I like red pigs and they are cool.

Favorite Pump Up Song:
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor