Ashley Hagen

We Caught up with Ms.¬†Ashley Hagen exhibitor of the Supreme Champion Breeding Gilt at the 2023 American Royal. Learn more about Ashley below…

Age: 18

Grade: Freshmen in College

What made winning at this Show Special for you?
Ever since I started showing pigs, I had the goal of showing at all four major stock shows! My dream came true and little did I know I would be lucky enough to actually win a national show! It was also special because I did it with very important people by my side- my dad, Travis, Shelby Weinrich, and my brother, Will.

Do you get nervous?
I always get nervous before I step in the show ring, especially before a grand drive, even after nine years of showing livestock! But once I step in the ring all the butterflies go away.

If you could build your dream trailer what would it include?
If I could build my dream trailer, it would be the exact trailer we have with ten pins, a water system, fans, a huge tack room too! The only thing I would add is a space heater for winter jackpots!

What was the most special thing about your champion?
The most special thing about my champion was it was my first national win and she was one of my favorite gilts I’ve shown!

Most used product/item at a show in the showbox:
The most used item in my showbox is definitely a whip and a show brush

Who is your favorite judge? Why?
This is a tough question that I quite frankly don’t want to answer! It doesn’t matter what judge I show to, but some of my favorites characteristics in a judge is someone who is passionate and fun to watch and listen to!

Favorite breed to show? Why?
My favorite breed to show in crossbreds because they are usually very calm and not as crazy as some of the pures!

Favorite Pump Up Song:
My favorite pump-up song that I always listen to on the drive to a show early in the morning is “All I do is Win”