Knauth Showpigs

We Caught up with Mr. Kyle Knauth of Knauth Showpigs, breeder of the Grand Champion Commercial Gilt at the 2023 Oklahoma State Fair. Check out Knauth Showpigs Breeder Spotlight below…

Breeding/Pedigree/Genetics of your champion:
Next Intention x Breaking Rules

No, but I remember where a majority of the special ones were farrowed.

Any superstitions at a show or at the farm?
I’m weird, we all know that. I don’t like odd numbers, I do things in the same order every day- more oddities that I follow than superstitions.

At what age do you notch pigs?
24 hours

Do you cut needle teeth?

Favorite Fair Food?
Corn in a Cup at Houston, it slaps.

Favorite Pump Up Song:
Thunder by Imagine Dragons