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Judging Contest

2017 Team & Individual Judging Contest
Class 3 - Landrace Barrows

Class 3 has now closed. Official placings are below.

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Placing: 2-3-1-4
Cuts: 3-5-7

In a very challenging class of Landrace barrows, I like them 2-3-1-4. The top pair of barrow which contrast in type and kind, I prefer the extra look, design and overall balance of 2 that places him over 3. 2 is a bigger framed hog that is taller at the point of his shoulder being longer and more extended through the front one third of his skeleton. He also maintains this height and levelness of design down his top and throughout his tail set. 2 still maintains enough muscle shape while providing good rib shape and depth to the center part of his body cavity.

I fully understand that 3 is a heavier structured barrow that shows more shape down his top, but he is a smaller framed barrow that is shorter about his head and neck. With that said, it is the freshness of body and muscle couple with the heaviness of structure that place 3 over 1 in my middle pair. 3 is the most extreme barrow in the class in terms of muscle and shape. He has a big forearm and blade with good spread at the top side of his skeleton. He ties that width into a big shapely loin edge. he carries that mass of muscle out through his hip and down to the center portion of his ham and stifle.

Yes 1 is a taller fronted barrow that reads to be longer faced and trimmer about the crest in his neck, but I keep his third as he is weaker about his topline, steeper in his rump and while sacrificing too much bone mass and foot size. Moving on to the bottom pair in this class I do like the correctness of skeleton and extra length of front that places 1 over 4. 1 is super correct in the way he ties his shoulder from his neck into his body cavity. He does this while being strong about his front pastern with good set to his front knee. A fresher more youthful appearing barrow that is still adequate in terms of body mass and muscle.

I will admit that the orange tagged barrow is a stouter featured wider chested barrow, but he lands last in this class as he is the worst in term of structure and design. 4 is the straightest in his shoulder and down into his knee. He also is the dry about his rib, shallow in his flank and the shortest and steepest in his hip and rump design.


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2017 Team & Individual Judging Contest
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